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Look & Listen

Welcome to my "Look & Listen" page. Here you will find samples of Solo and Collaborative Works. As a collaborator, I am available for roles ranging from repetiteur to concert accompanist.  I also do demo and audition recordings in my studio adjacent to my home in Rockville, MD.

Solo Work:

R. Bellak - "Jazz" Prelude D Minor

Extracted from a live performance April 7, 2018, at Gari Melcher'studio at Belmont, Fredericksburg VA.

Black Swans Redux:

Isidor Phillipp: "Black Swans" for Solo Piano from a collection called Fantasmagorias. Recording done in my home studio; Weber WG-70 piano (208cm), Audio Technica AE-3000 microphones, Sony DCR-H20 video cam, mixed and rendered with Sony Vegas 9.

Collaborative Work:

Baroque and Blue - Claude Bolling "Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano"

Extracted from a live performance at Gari Melcher's studio at Belmont, Fredericksburg VA. Doug Gately, Flute, Matt Case, Drums, Emmanuel Levi, Bass.


Performance at University of Mary Washington on Dec. 2, 2016. Andrew Kraus, Pianist; Choreography by Roxann Morgan Rowley, Dance Faculty at UMW and the artistic director for Next Reflex Dance Collective. Dancers include Katherine LiPuma (NRDC) and Edward Yates, UMW Theatre and Dance student.

Brahms - Standchen

Performance with Jennifer Paschal, Soprano at Calvary United Methodist Church, Frederick, MD on April 25, 2010

Highlights from Three Senior Recitals

...pleased and privileged to perform with these talented students in their Senior Recital projects for Barbara Ingram School for the Arts at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, May 2019

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